Difference between Personal Cheque and Banker’s Cheque/ Demand Draft

Difference between Personal Cheque and Banker's Cheque or Demand DraftThough it appears to many of us that Banker’s Cheque is same as Cheque Personal, hereinafter referred as ‘Cheque’, that we issue to make payments, these two are completely different in meaning and methods of payment. I made a mistake when I filed my First RTI Application before a Central Public Authority. I issued a Cheque of Rs. 10/- as Fees for RTI. I was called by the PIO to take my Cheque back and pay RTI Fees through Banker’s Cheque (similar to Demand Draft) or Indian Postal Order (IPO). I have enumerated major difference between Personal Cheque and Banker’s Cheque or Demand Draft below: » Read more

Indian Postal Order Online: How to buy e-IPO in India

Step by Step procedure to get Indian Postal Order OnlineIndian Postal Order (IPO) is the most popular means to pay fees for filing RTI Applications. Till few months ago, IPO was available only at few branches of post offices. It has been a common problem of many of us to get IPO from post office either because of non-availability of IPO at post office or because of location of post office at far distance. Government of India understood this problem of citizen, and launched online facility to get electronic IPO (e-IPO). Now we can get Indian Postal Order Online anytime. Step by step procedure to get Indian Postal Order online has been explained below.

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