How to File RTI Application/Appeal through Post Office?

How to File RTI application/Appeal through Post Office?We have already discussed in previous articles that we can file RTI Application online as well as offline. Under how to file RTI Application offline, I have discussed about how to file RTI directly to the public authority from whom we need information. However, we can also file RTI Application/Appeal to various central ministries/departments/PSUs through Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) at designated post ofices. You may find the list at designated post offices. Remember that you may not file your RTI Application/Appeal through every post offices. The CAPIO at designated post offices is duty bound to not only accept but also help you out in filing the Application/Appeal. Let me explain the procedure to File RTI Application/Appeal through Post Office?

Process to File RTI Application/Appeal through Post Office:

You may follow following steps to file RTI Application/Appeal through post office to central ministries/departments/PSUs:

1) Write a RTI Application/Appeal. You may refer templates for RTI Application at RTI Application Format. and RTI Appeal at RTI First Appeal Format, and RTI Second Appeal Format. Take two copies of your RTI Application/Appeal, so that you can get the acknowledgement immediately.

2) Go to the designated post office near your location, and meet CAPIO.

3) Submit original RTI Application/Appeal along with Fees, if any, to the CAPIO. You may pay fees either in Cash or through IPO/Demand Draft/Court Stamp/etc.

4) Take the signature of the CAPIO on the another copy of RTI Application/Appeal as acknowledgement. Now, your job is complete.

Duties of CAPIO after he receives your RTI Application/Appeal:

After CAPIO accepts your RTI Application/Appeal, he/she will take following steps:

1) Generates three copies of the forwarding letter. The first copy is addressed to the Nodal Officer/ Central Point of the concerned Central Public Authority, second is meant for the applicant/appellant as intimation letter, and the third is kept as an office copy by the Postal department.

2) Forwards your RTI Application/ Appeal to the concerned PIO/Appellate Authority within five days through registered post.

3) Now, CAPIO’s job is complete.

This way, your RTI Application/Appeal is filed through post office. The concerned PIO/Appellate Authority will reply to your Application/Appeal within specified time of 30 days of receipt of Application/Appeal.

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