RTI Application Form in Telugu pdf Free Download

RTI Application Form in Telugu pdfGovernment of Andhra Pradesh has not prescribed any specific format of RTI Application. Thus, it is open to you to write RTI Application in your own way. However, many a times, it becomes difficult to decide the format by our own. Considering this, I have prepared the sample RTI Application Form in Telugu, which you may use.  You can write your RTI Application on a plain paper or through electronic means in English or Telugu. I have provided below the RTI Application Form in Telugu pdf, which you may download and fill.

RTI Application Form in Telugu pdf

RTI Application Format in Telugu


I suggest you to write your RTI Application in the format provided above because this is very simple. You may simply fill the the above form, and submit to the concerned Public Information Officer/ Assistant Public Information Officer, as the case may be.

You may also use below RTI Application Form in Telugu to submit your request for information.

RTI Application Telugu


If you would like to write your application in English, then you can refer to the English Version of this RTI Application Form at RTI Application Form in English.

You may find the Name and Address of the Public Information Officer in Andhra Pradesh at PIO Address. This has been provided officially by the Andhra Pradesh Information Commission.

You can read the RTI Act in Telugu at RTI Act in Telugu language.

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