RTI Application Format in English: Template for RTI Application

RTI Application Format in EnglishRight to Information Act, 2005 does not provide any specific Format for RTI Application Form. You can write RTI Application in any Format. However, if you do not know how to write RTI Application, you may follow the RTI Application Format in English provided below. To know how to file RTI Application you may visit below links. You can file RTI Application Online as well as Offline.

Sample RTI Application Format in English




Date: ___________


The Central/State Public Information Officer,

……………………….. (Name of Public Authority)

……………………….. (Address of Public Information Officer)


Dear Madam/Sir,

1. I am citizen of India. Please furnish the certified copies of following information to me at my address:

(A) …………………………………………………………….. (Information Required)

(B) ……………………………………………………………… (Information Required)


2. To best of my knowledge, the above desired information does not relate to Section 8 & 9 of the RTI Act, 2005, which are exempted from disclosure.

3. Whether the Information sought concerns the life and liberty of a person? [Yes/No] (Please tick any one)

4. Details of the Fees paid:

Mode: Cash/Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque/Online

No. _________ Date ________ Amount Rs. _______

 (Signature of Applicant)

Name: ——————————–

Address: ——————————–



E-mail ID: ——————————–

Contact No.: ——————————-

You may draft your RTI Application Format in English as per the sample application provided above. If you have any specific doubt in drafting RTI Application, you may ask me through comment box.

You may get other sample forms under Right to Information Act 2005 at corresponding links provided below:

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  • hello sir.
    I respect to your advice.
    plz… help me
    I want know… R.T.I. address
    I where to file R.T.I.
    plz tell me sir.

  • Pooja

    How to file rti to Delhi police in both offline and online mode?

  • I have made an appeal to Alipurduar Municipality ( Chairman ) to know about the tax due against the property of my Mother ( since deceased ) and Chairman replied that there is no trace of my mother’s property in Alipurduar Municipality. I sent a RTI asking Chairman as SPIO to let me know about the details of my mother’s property with all details and put 21 questions But he replied in the same language and avoided the other questions which will prove that something wrong has been done of that property. HI again sent letter quoting the RTI rules that he is liable to give reply to all the questions of RTI. He again sent the copy of earlier reply. After that I sent reminders but he is not giving any reply. What I am to do now. District Magistrate is there in Alipurduar District.

  • Sahil Walia

    u briefly describe above HOW and WHERE to put RTI ACT.IPlease also tell once again HOW AND WHERE to file RTI FIRST APPEAL ?

  • maharshi gogu

    when i filed an RTI through online mode i will get a registration number. But when i filed the RTI Application through OFFLINE mode how could i get my Registration Number and how would i be able to track the status of my RTI Application.

    Without this Registration Number how would i be able to File a First Appeal or Second Appeal for my RTI Application

    • Hi Maharshi,
      When you file RTI Application offline, you may not get registration number, but PIO will register your application with some number. That information, you can get by calling to PIO’s office.
      However, to file First Appeal or Second Appeal, you do not need to write registration number of your RTI Application if you didn’t receive any reply within specified time. You can simply attach your RTI Application. It will be tracked from PIO through your name and date of application.

  • Tarique Ahsan

    Dear Sir,
    My mother had two policies with LIC. She died in the year 2008.After that my father(the nominee in both the policies) filed an appplication for death claim for the policies.Unfortunately he also died in 2010 without getting claim.
    After my father’s death I submitted the application for claim, but tiil now I haven’t got my claim paid.Hoew can RTI help me.


    My wife has filed a dowry case against me and my parents, with fake allegations. she has filed that they had put lot of dowry for the marriage. In reality, such things were not there. Even I had given 50% of the marriage expenses (Rs.83986.17/-) after 98 days of the marriage date. My father was a canara bank manager and my wife has told that her father given 50 soverign gold and other items worth of Rs.2 lacks as dowry during the marriage which is not at all true. My question is :
    What are the details i can get through RTI from my father-in law or from his bank regarding the dowry or the expenses that my father-in law incurred for dowry?
    Kindly help me.

    • Hi Aravind,
      It is very sad to hear such issue. Now a days, dowry case is being misused many a time. Honestly speaking, RTI may not be helpful in your case. RTI Act may be used only against public sector organization, not any private organization or person. You can’t get any information from your father-in-law, as he is not government organization. On the other hand, his bank may not provide his personal information through RTI because personal information are exempted from disclosure under RTI.
      However, I will suggest you to consult any good advocate, who deals with family court matters. Only good advocate can help you in your case.

  • ganapati Patil

    Dear sir
    I have file rti online for last 12 days
    but still reply not recive

  • sir
    my son Aswin.S.Krishna participated Tamil Recitation in Kollam Revenue District Kalolsavam, 2016-17 through Upa lok ayukta, tvm, held at Govt.HSS, Anchal. Tamil Recitation Result announced at Sabarigi HSS, Stage 10 Aswin.S.Krishna got 2nd A Grade, but they published result, but my son name not mentioned in that list. how can i get the result and marks list of all participants in the tamil recitation please.

    • Hi Sir. Thank you for your query.
      Please submit RTI Application before organization/agency who organized the event, and ask the result and marks list of all participants in the tamil recitation. They may or may not provide you the marks of other participants because it may be considered as their personal information. However, they must provide marks of your son and the cut-off marks of the result.

  • i yamunadevi my son attended the kollam revenue district kalolsavam held at Govt.hss, anchal. my son aswin.s.krishna participated tamil recitation through upa lokayukta order and got II A grade, but resulted published at stage 10 sabarigiri hss, anchal, but my son name not listed in the result. i want to know the marks list of all participants and their garade.

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Sir I obtained 0 marks in ssc chsl 2015 paper to though I have written the answer. How should I file an rti? Should I include any IPO in the favour of the authority?

  • shirish pawde

    if we are asking information about the perticular person whether it is required to give perticular reason that it is important to get information in larger public interest and his right to privacy is less information and public interest are much more important

    • YES.
      If you are asking any personal information of any person, you need to convince PIO that larger public interest is served in disclosing personal information of that person. This is because, personal information is exempted under section (8) of the RTI Act.

      However, in other cases, you don’t need to provide reasons for seeking information.

  • Bhaskar

    I want an information about the how many retired employees working in indian institute of millets research, and under which category they are working? Is there any special orders/special provisions for them?
    I has a information about that some retired employees is working in the said institute and they are not getting epf benifits but the contractor is claiming the full bill for every month.

    I have to know iformation about said matter please tell me to how to fill RTI application and hiw much money should i spent?

    • Hello Bhaskar,
      There is no requirement of any special order/provision. You just file the RTI Application seeking the information you want to the concerned PIO. You can get the details of concerned PIO at IIMR RTI.

  • Hanumantha rao

    Sir I want information about SC rly junior engineers selected list and waiting list under notification no-CEN 01/2012..how to I will ask information to SC rly CPO…please advise me and what are the terms of conditions for allotments of candidates to different disel loco sheds in SC railway..

  • Santosh Kumar

    Respected madam,
    i am suffering from unauthorised use of my Diploma of pharmacy & registration in Uttar Pradesh when i made an online RTI, then the reply came to me is
    “with reference to the subject cited above, it is informed that the issue raised in your letter does not come under the purview of pharmacy act 1948, hence transferred to Uttar Pradesh Drug Control Department. CC to The Drugs Controller of UP, Swasthya sewa mahanideshalaya, Swasthya Bhawan Uttar Pradesh.”
    now does it mean that i need to file a separate new RTI to this department or the RTI is already transferred to this department from Pharmacy council of India
    date of online RTI =15/11/2016
    date of reply came =24/11/2016
    kindly tell me now what i have to do?

    • Hello Santosh. Thank you for your query. If you have received acknowledgement that your application has been forwarded under section 6(3) of the RTI Act, then it is done. You don’t need to submit any new application. You need to just wait to receive information from the department where your application was forwarded. Forwarding application is duty of PIO to whom you submitted your RTI Application.

      • Santosh Kumar

        your kind is requested to plz. tell me that what is the stipulated time period of reply for such forwarded applications if i am informed that my application is transferred to Uttar Pradesh Drug Control Department on 24 Nov 2016.

        • Hi Santosh.
          As per section 6(3) of the RTI Act, PIO must forward the RTI Application within 5 days of receipt of application. The PIO, to whom application was forwarded, must reply within 30 days from the date when he received the application. I mean, second PIO will take 30 days from the date when he received application. To understand this with example you may visit RTI Reply Time.

  • shambu

    How can I seek the information relating to agricultural land rood map blue paint

  • Plz.tell me madam/sir…..how and where I should apply for mgnrega fund Details

  • Nabajit Das

    Sample of rti

  • Bahadur singh

    Madam me distt-bulandshahar bidhan sabha chetna dibai ke Gaow akarbas se hu madam hamare Gaow me pichale 5/6 Sal se Koi bikash nahi ho raha hai Kya madam hamare Gaow ke liye gov. Se fande nahi aata hai Kya

  • Rajat

    Mam I fill RTI under life and libert act, and they replied

    Remarks :- As mentioned in the guidelines for use of this portal, this facility is not available for filing RTI applications for the public authorities under the State Governments, including Government of NCT Delhi. Since your RTI application is meant for a public authority under the State Government, the same is returned herewith. You may file the same before the concerned public authority under the State Government.

    What it’s mean mam?

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