RTI First Appeal Format in English: Sample First Appeal

RTI First Appeal Format in English - Sample First AppealYou can submit First Appeal before First Appellate Authority under Section 19(1), if you are applicant, and under 19(2), if you are a third party, under RTI Act. Many of us do not know how to draft First Appeal. For them, I have provided below RTI First Appeal Format in English. To know when and how to file First Appeal under RTI Act, you may visit How to File First Appeal under RTI.

You may draft your First Appeal as per RTI First Appeal Format in English produced below.

Sample RTI First Appeal Format in English:



 Date: …………….




..………………………………….. (Name and Address of First Appellate Authority)

1) Background/Brief facts leading to First Appeal:

i) Date of RTI Application (Copy of Application Attached as Annexure – A): ……………

ii) Registration Number of RTI Application, if available with Applicant: Not Available

iii) Date of Reply received from PIO: “Reply Not Received”

iv) Particulars of PIO to whom RTI Application was submitted:




……………………………………….. (Name & Address of PIO)

v) Brief facts leading to appeal: Deemed Refusal (Reply Not Received from PIO within specified time)

2) Reasons for Appeal being filed after prescribed period of 30 days from date of receipt of reply of the above PIO (if applicable): Not Applicable

3) Grounds for Appeal:

As per section 7(1) read with section 7(3)(a) of the RTI Act, PIO shall either provide information or reject request for information within 30 days of receipt of request for information. However, PIO has failed to comply with the above mentioned provisions of the RTI Act. As per section 7(2) of the RTI Act, such action of PIO is deemed refusal of information.

4) Prayers or Relief sought:

I pray to you to kindly:

  • direct the PIO to provide certified copies of complete and correct information within 10 days from the date of decision of the First Appellate Authority on appeal;
  • direct the PIO to supply information free of cost, since PIO failed to supply information within specified time limit under section 7(1) of the RTI Act;
  • record and supply reasons for upholding the decision of PIO and rejecting the prayers of the appellant.

5) Personal Hearing:

I pray to you to kindly provide me the opportunity of Personal Hearing before disposing of my Appeal. Under this section you may quote the decision of Hon’ble Central Information Commission with regard to providing opportunity of hearing to appellant: In the matter of Mr. R. K. Jain vs. Department of Legal Affairs, Government of India registered under File No.CIC/SA/A/2014/000254, Hon’ble Central Information Commission has made following observations:

“14. The Commission observes: Passing orders in first appeal without hearing or sending hearing notice is illegal and will render the order invalid. The Commission sets aside the order of First Appellate Authority for violating RTI Act and breach of natural justice by denying the appellant a chance of presenting his case and by raising entirely a new defence which was never claimed. Commission finds it deserves action though the concerned officer retired from service and recommends Public Authority to initiate disciplinary action against the concerned FAO for acting totally against the RTI Act in this case.”

6) Particulars of the Appellant:

 (Signature of Applicant)

Name :   …………………………

Address: …………………………,



E-mail: ….………………………,

Contact No.: ..………………………,


Enclosures: Self attested copy of:

  1. Copy of RTI Application
  2. Copy of proof of filing RTI Application (Online tracking of delivery status of RTI Application to PIO)

You may draft your First Appeal as per above RTI First Appeal Format in English. After writing First Appeal, you may send the Appeal along with attachments to the Address of First Appellate Authority.

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  • S. Nath

    Hello, sir
    I had filed an rti on 27th February 2017 which was received by pio (forwarded to state public service commission) on 6th January 2017 regarding a recruitment examination.
    Information sought for – 1) marks secured by me in written and interview
    2) cutoff marks in each stage.
    Pio replied me on 9th January that -information sought for is under process, kindly co-operate with us you will be informed shortly.
    For the same subject matter two candidates got reply same thing two months ago. Where the final result was declared on 16th December on 2016 but they still needs time. Should I file first appeal or wait for reply.

  • sai vinod

    Hai this is sai vinod from hyd.I need help to goet information about increase if clg fee from35000 ti 80000.I had applied to Afrc dept who was incharge but they are misgyiding me.with improper information.I need help for this particular issue.

  • Anirudha Behera

    Sir plz give me your contact no. I want a discussion with you, This is urgent

  • Sarath Babu R

    Dear sir,
    I had filed an RTI to PSC, Kerala regarding the details of rank listed candidates who does not possess the prescribed qualification on the selection procedures of VHSE Lab Technical Assistant MOBE in Kerala VHSE . But the Hon: PSC had given the RTI to me that they cannot give me the details as it aginst the RTI rules of 7 (9) . Also in my another question they had given me an answer that they had included the candidates who were having higher qualification. Also i asked the what is the reason for including such candidates, for that case also they had given me an answer that they cannot given any details as per RTI act 7(9). Kindly guide me .

    Sarath Babu R

    • Hi Sarath,
      PIO is wrong in quoting Section 7(9) of the RTI Act. His reply is misleading. Kindly file the First Appeal before First Appellate Authority under Section 19(1) of the RTI Act.

  • Rituparna

    Sir,I have filed an RTI on 17/12/16 in MoWR,RD&GR seeking some info from NPCC Limited.Since my rti was on NPCC,they forwarded it to PIO,NPCC on 23/12/16. But I have not received any reply from the PIO. So, to know the reason for the delay , I sent an informal mail to CPIO,MoWR,RD&GR on 6/02/17. After the discussion with you,I was planing to file first appeal to the FAA,NPCC Limited on a later date. But on 18/02/17 I have received a letter from the FAA,MoWR that my first appeal has been received on the ministry and a copy of the RTI has been sent to FAA,NPCC Limited for necessary action. Since I have not file the first appeal formally with all relevant documents ,should I file it again to the FAA,NPCC? If 6/2/17 is comes under the stipulated time frame to file first appeal( I.e. after 30+ 7 days)? Plz help me sir ,everything is going wrong.

    • Rituparna

      I have sent the mail to the CPIO but they registered it as my appeal. The letter I received is as follows-
      Sub- RTI appeal dated 6/2/17 of Rituparna Borah
      Whereas an RTI was received in this ministry on 17/12/16 and same was transfered to NPCC vide letter dated 28/12/16.
      whereas a rti appeal dated 06/02/17 has been received vide email on non supply of information within the stipulated time frame of 30 days.
      As per RTI act 2005 ,since the rti was transfered to NPCC,hence first appellate authority is the first appellate authority of NPCC. Further communication if any ,may kindly be made with them.

      COPY for necessary action to-

      K.k sharma, FAA,NPCC

      • Hi Rituparna,
        They are right. You should file first appeal before first appellate authority of NPCC. The day CPIO forwards the application to other public authority, he is not responsible of further action.

    • Hi Rituparna,
      You could have filed First Appeal directly to the NPCC. If MoWR has forwarded the First Appeal to the NPCC, you are done. However, there is nothing wrong in directly sending First Appeal to NPCC again. If content will be same for both, they will combine both, and consider as single Appeal.
      If you are still anxious, give me your contact number. I will get back to you.

    • Rituparna

      Sir I called u but u dint respond. Sir I want to know one thing. If I file an appeal early i.e.
      before the time it should actually file and then I file the first appeal again in time…then what will happen? In my case they registered my email as first appeal on 6/2/17. the RTI was forwarded on 28/12/16 to PIO. So,plz tell me does this appeal come under rule of rti act? Or was it earlier than the time allowed by RTI act 2005? plz let me know.

  • I need to know the appellant authority and adress for IIISLA (Institute of Indian Insurance Surveyors )as my application is held up more than 10 months. I asked information through RTI but not replied at all even after 60 days of RTI

    • Hi Narinder,
      You can send appeal to following address:
      Shri A. Ramana Rao
      General Manager
      Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
      3rd Floor, Parisrama Bhavan,
      Basheer Bagh
      HYDERABAD 500 04 Ph: (040) 23381100 (D) 23381243
      Fax: (040) 6682 3334

  • Boying

    First appeal format i have seen but all step are to be required or not for e.g in personal hearing the word all are need to be written same like that of the above sample. How much fee I need to pay in fisrt appeal

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  • parimal kansara


      • Ravinder Kumar

        Can I get this format in Hindi.

        • Hi Ravinder.
          I will try to publish this in Hindi. However, you may use Google Translator to convert this in Hindi.

          • Dear Sir,
            Can you guide me how to proceed for the following matter ::—
            I am Surveyor and my Licence was expiring on 6 Aug 2014. I have completed the process well in time and received mail from IRDA (Individual Licence issued on 6 Aug 2014) and then later on when I did not received SLA that provide IIISLA membership details. At that time I was out of country to see my daughter and stayed 18 months. After coming back applied for IIISLA membership with Rs 16500.00 .
            Now the problem I don’t have in hand my license.
            IRDA says provide membership details to release renewed licence and IIISLA says provide current Licence to give membership.
            Both departments are co-related to eachother.
            I have renewed 5 times licence from 1989 onwards.
            please suggest me way out.

          • Hello Narinder,
            I feel if you have renewed your licence 5 times, then you must have membership details in any of the renewal receipt. However, if you don’t have anything with you, you may file RTI Application before IRDA to get your membership details. Along with RTI Application, You may attach your Identity Card, which you used for taking license. If IRDA has rule to preserve the detail, they must provide you.

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