RTI Procedure: How to Apply RTI Application? RTI Process

RTI Procedure - How to Apply RTI ApplicationMany people do not understand RTI Procedure, i.e how to apply RTI Application. This makes them reluctant to submit request for information under Right to Information Act, 2005.  In fact, filing RTI Application is very simple process. In this post I will guide you on RTI Procedure. You can understand procedures involved under RTI Act, 2005 by visiting RTI Flow Chart.

RTI Procedure: How to Apply RTI Application ?

You can submit request for information to the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) or State Public Information Officer (SPIO), as the case may be, of the concerned Public Authority. You can submit request for information Online as well as Offline. However, online facility to file RTI Application is not available for all public authorities till now. Only Central Public Authorities and few State Public Authorities have Online RTI Facility.

Wherever possible, you should file RTI Application online becase it may save time in terms of postal delay. When we submit RTI Application online, PIO immediately receives your application. If the information sought doesn’t pertain to the PIO who receives your application, he shall forward your application to the concerned PIO within 5 days of the receipt of your application. To know the step by step procedure to file RTI Application Online, please visit below link:

However, if the facility to file RTI Application online is not available, you must submit RTI Request offline. To know the step by step procedure to file RTI Application Offline, please visit below link:

To know how to file RTI Application online before State Government, you may visit below link:

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  • Bipin Chandra

    How is a govt contract awarded for construction of a college building in an autonomous institute under Government of India? Pls read details below.
    What is the procedure?
    Should there be an advertisement? Where and how many days prior to allotment of project?
    Is it against the law for a person responsible of allotment to allot the project to his/her spouse? or to the organisation his/her spouse works in?

    2. I want to look at all the spendings of a institute. How should I frame the question? “How much funds did institute receive from GoI each year(is it given every year or every 5 years?) and give me detailed list of all the spendings?”
    I want very detailed list…How to get it. I am positive these people are swindling money.

    Also, Please provide me info on safety. Basically, how not to become a member on the list “Deaths of RTI Activists, wikipedia”

    Thank you

    • All government contracts are awarded through tender only. Whoever quotes least price is awarded contract. Yes, tender must be advertised in leading newspaper. If contract to spouse is awarded through tender, then it may not be illegal. But, if contract to spouse is awarded without tender, then it may be illegal. To get the spending, you file an RTI Application before concerned authority.

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