RTI Rules: Central and State Information Commission

RTI Rules: Central and State Information CommissionWhen you want to submit request for information under RTI Act, 2005, you must be aware of two things: RTI Act, 2005, and RTI Rules of Central or State Information Commission, as the case may be. There are no common RTI Rules for both Central and State Information Commission. Every state has its own RTI rule. Thus, before submitting RTI Application, Appeal, or Complaint, you must know the specific RTI Rules.

There are two types of RTI Rules published by Central and State Information Commission:

  1. Central/ State Information Commission (Appeal Procedure) Rules
  2. Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost Rules)

Appeal Procedure deals with format of Appeal before Central/State Information Commission. This includes various information including contents of appeal, documents to accompany appeal, and procedure in deciding appeal. Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost Rules) includes details of fees and methods of fees payment for RTI Application, Appeals, and Complaints. Few states such as Karnataka and Bihar do not provide seperate document for Appeal procedure, and RTI Fees. They provide both information in single document.

RTI Rules for Central Information Commission:

RTI Rules for State Information Commission:

Andhra Pradesh:
Arunachal Pradesh:

I will provide RTI Rules of other State Information Commission shortly.

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