Samachara Hakku Chattam in Telugu (సమాచార హక్కు చట్టం)

Samachara Hakku Chattam in TeluguGovernment has published Right to Information Act in Telugu language to enable the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to know the RTI Act in their own language. You should understand the RTI Act before submitting request for information. In addition to the RTI Act, you should understand Right to Information Rules of the Central Government or State Government, as the case may be, to know the prescribed application format, fees, mode of payment, etc. I have provided below the Samachara Hakku Chattam in Telugu.

Samachara Hakku Chattam in Telugu (సమాచార హక్కు చట్టం) ( Right to Information Act in Telugu)

You can download the Samachara Hakku Chattam in Telugu (సమాచార హక్కు చట్టం) from the download link.

RTI Act in Telugu


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  • Uday Kumar

    Hi Sir,
    My name is Uday. Madhi kakinada maa daddy peru swamy. Epudu ayana health baledhu past anthaga gurthuledhu. Edhi jarige nearly 8years avuthundi. Maa daddy peru medha sites or any registrations vunay annaru kani avi maku telidhu maa daddy kee gurthuledhu. Epudu aa vishayam telusukovatam ela.
    Kindly some one help me.

  • potte Lachanna

    My name is Potte samasya emitante vyavasaya(patta lands) boomilo nundi double road vestunnaru aa boomiki nastapariharam vastunda? rada? Evariki camplait cheyali? Dayachesi vivaralu telpagalaru….. please

  • C,lakshmi

    My name is Lakshmi istart my own tailor,fancy,stasnairoybooks shop my cast is bc b so sir please u tell me how to get subsidy loan

  • K Praveen Kumar

    Hai sir my name is Praveen Kumar kaparthi. Prapar is now surya Peta distic (old ,distic nalgonda) telangana. My prablam is m r o office shaligowraram . I’m giving One complaint my own Land prablam (vevasaya bumi) 7yrs back but not responding ,,m r o office shaligowraram Avery years I’m giving complaints Now how is application samachara hakku chattam please help me Sir Sir sir………please

  • anil

    hallo sir may neam is anil may prapar hes adilabad ( telagana stata) i whant to cantar govt samachara chattam gev to aadras ples

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